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Pure Football (also known as Pure Futbol in North America) is a football video game developed by Ubisoft Vancouver and published by Ubisoft. It was announced in March 2010 with a trailer and was released June 1, 2010, for PS3 and Xbox 360. This is an arcade-style football game in which players can select five-a-side teams from around the world, with emphasis on technical moves, pitches with urban environments outside stadiums, and no referees. The game includes seventeen national teams, most of which have licensed crests and kits (with the exceptions of Brazil and Denmark), and three special teams (US all-time team, Germany, and World One). Players compete in exhibition and campaign gameplay modes.

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Pure Football Launch Trailer Lands and It’s…Colourful

Pure Football, as you might have already gathered, is an arcade footy title with big, bold players and lush pitches surrounded by castles and stuff.

Suffice to say then, that it’s not strictly a proper representation of the sport, but that said it does have balls and goals, so it’s pretty close.

The game also has lovely unlock screens, an in-depth story mode, player sharing and something called ‘game to web’.

Take a look at the launch trailer to get a better idea of what all of that means. Pure Football is out June 1st.

pure football smb

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pure football smb

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